A Day with Mimi Kraus:

The handball star, entrepreneur, and almost-professional dancer not only revealed what's important to him when it comes to clothing, but also how he got introduced to SHAPING NEW TOMORROW.

When asked about his first experience with SHAPING NEW TOMORROW, Mimi Kraus bursts into laughter. "I remember that so well! I was still an active handball player, and during an away game in Kiel, one of the three founders told me he had the Perfect Pants for me. I thought, 'Sure,' threw the pants in my sports bag, and then forgot about them. Later, a friend visited me and needed a pair of pants. I remembered the one in my bag and gave it to him. The next day, he asked me where I got that awesome pair of pants, saying he had never worn a better one in his life. Of course, I immediately took them back and said, 'Hands off!' Well, it turned out to be true:

" I've never worn such great pants – they are just a perfect fit."


Mimi Kraus is someone who doesn't just wear anything – but he's also not someone who changes outfits multiple times a day. There's no time for that in his busy life. After his successful handball career, where he won all the titles, he now runs two thriving fitness clubs in his Swabian homeland, is an influencer, and participated in the TV show 'Let's Dance' (the German equivalent to ‘Dancing with the Stars’) this year – another full-time job on top of his existing commitments and taking care of his four young children, who always come first. His clothing needs to withstand a lot:

"When I pick up the kids right after a business meeting, try telling them that Daddy needs to change before we hit the playground. Or before we climb trees.

" That's why I'm really happy with SHAPING NEW TOMORROW, because their clothing can handle it all."


We meet Mimi at his fitness club in Göppingen, where we get to tag along for a day – and where, before anything else happens, he expertly prepares a round of really good coffee, another of his passions. Speaking of fitness studios: His NICE Athletic Club is now well-known across Europe, demonstrating that the 39-year-old entrepreneur is doing many things right. "That was always my goal," he says, "to build the best gym in Europe, in Göppingen, and break all boundaries and limits. At the beginning, people didn’t take us seriously, and now everyone asks how we did it."

For Mimi Kraus, stepping into entrepreneurship was also a "Stretch Further" moment, one where he ventured far out of his comfort zone.

"Of course, I had to pay my dues as well – but I believe that only makes you stronger," he is convinced. "I'm generally a doer and quickly put things into action. I've made mistakes too, but otherwise, I'd probably be sitting here at 60, saying, 'If only I had tried that back then.' So, I tackle most things fearlessly, but not recklessly."

Throughout it all, he can count on a strong team: "My employees identify with the company. That creates a vibe, and I don't have to do much about it. I lead my companies like I used to lead my handball teams: I delegate a lot of responsibility, and everyone can make decisions."

When he talks about his career after the career, Mimi seems genuinely at peace. Comfortable anywhere, indeed.


Is there a typical Mimi Kraus day? He laughs, "If anything, it's characterized by not being able to plan at all! With me, things always go differently than expected. I might be shooting some hoops or moving machines in the gym. Or I have a series of back-to-back meetings. My days are always very active and packed." No wonder everything he wears needs to be versatile.

"In the past, there have been instances where my pants or shirts ripped. But with SHAPING NEW TOMORROW, I'm prepared for anything; their clothing can handle it all."

Really everything? Mimi Kraus wouldn't be himself if he hadn't tested his pants in even the most impossible situations. "For 'Let's Dance,' I trained for ten hours a day. At first, I wore sweatpants, but my partner couldn't see my legs in them. From then on, I only trained in SHAPING NEW TOMORROW pants. No matter the model, they could take it all. I had to squat, kick, jump, do splits – that shows how flexible they are, and I still looked good doing it!" he laughs.

Shortly after, he effortlessly rolls a giant tractor tire through his gym, dressed in jeans and a blazer. And we believe him immediately when he says there's no standing still for him: "There's much more to come!" We're definitely looking forward to it.