The right outfit for your job interview

You did it! Your application was successful; you secured yourself an interview – and you are closer to your dream job than ever. But, the big question remains: what outfit should a man wear for a job interview? Read on: we will tell you what works – and what doesn’t.

You don't want to be overdressed or underdressed – but where exactly is that sartorial sweet spot, and how large is it? The fact is: there is no universal answer, because every profession and every industry have their own respective requirements. Nevertheless, there are some basic guidelines you can follow: Here are a few tips for you to make the next step towards your new job a success.

It’s all about first impressions

There are no second chances for first impressions – keep this in mind when preparing for a job interview. In fact, studies have shown that interviewers form an opinion of the candidate as soon as they walk through the door. Some recruiters then try to subconsciously confirm this impression during the interview. Therefore, it is important not to leave anything to chance here. 

But how do you make a great first impression?

Besides your body language, such as facial expressions and gestures, your clothing contributes a great deal to it. While you can actively use your body language to react and adapt to the interviewer and the situation, it would certainly not go down well if you got up and changed your outfit in the middle of a conversation. Your clothes are as much a part of your personality as your charisma, body language and the way you talk. Your potential employer will use all these to shape their image of you, even if the actual interview has not yet started. This image will be very difficult to change during an interview. Therefore it is all the more important to make sure your outfit is the right one for the position and the company.

Whether you are applying for an internship or a management position, a well-groomed appearance and appropriate clothing are important for any job.

Tips for a successful outfit: Here's what you should look out for

The way you dress can have a strong influence on the person you are meeting and you can, for example, appear more confident, communicative or serious. For instance, formal clothing exudes confidence and seriousness, while lighter colors might make you look more communicative. Here are some basic tips to help you find the right outfit for your job interview:

• Research what other employees in the company are wearing (e.g. on the company website, social media, etc.).

• Find out what is usually worn in the position you have applied for – either in the same company or in a similar one.

• Less is sometimes more: opt for classy rather than too modern.

The clothes should match your position, but also your personality.

• As a rule, it is better to be overdressed than underdressed in the beginning. With time, you can always go back to more casual clothes, if that fits in better.

According to an American study, different colors can have different influences on the subconscious perception. Blue is considered the color that gives the best impression and stands for trust and seriousness. The result also shows that neutral colors, such as browns and greys, are generally the colors of choice for a job interview. Brown shades will make you appear calm and down to earth, while grey tones are associated with elegance and sophistication. In general, strong contrasts and dark colors will make you seem cooler and more distant, while you will look more friendly and communicative in a color-coordinated outfit.

Giorgio Armani said, "Always dress for the job you want – not for the one you already have."  However, your outfit should still follow a few guidelines for your outfit to succeed in your industry and your position. 

Classic outfits like a suit with a shirt and maybe even a tie will keep you on the safe side in more conservative fields like finance, insurance or banking, as well as in many executive positions. Definitely leave your sneakers at home! You should wear high-quality leather shoes to an interview in one of these industries.

In creative industries, agencies and start-ups, you have more leeway when it comes to clothing: Wear stylish chinos with a matching shirt or even a high-quality, plain T-shirt with a blazer. This also applies to your choice of shoes: a pair of minimalist, clean sneakers will not be out of place here.

Checklist for the right outfit for a job interview:

• Very important: You must be comfortable! Ideally, you won't even notice the clothes you’re wearing.

• Choose an outfit that offers you freedom of movement and is comfortable. 

• Make sure the fabric doesn't wrinkle – this is especially important if you are traveling by car or train for a long time. 

• Ask friends or family for feedback.

• Try on a new outfit before the big day to make sure you feel comfortable and that everything fits well.

• Remember to wash or dry-clean and iron your outfit beforehand – it must be absolutely spotless. This includes clean shoes, by the way – make sure the soles and heels are not worn out.

• Pro tip: Avoid garlic and alcohol the day before. Both lead to unpleasant body odors the next day, which you should avoid at all costs.

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So what do I wear for my online interview?

The temptation is great – but leave the sweatpants in your wardrobe! You might have to get up for something after all. Besides, a classy outfit from head to toe will make you feel more confident and give you a professional mindset. You can’t go wrong with a stylish shirt and comfortable chinos like the Classic Pants – and they are just as comfortable as your favorite sweatpants. Make sure the background in your room is not too distracting – and that goes for the patterns on your clothes, too: small prints in particular can create unwanted visual effects via the camera, so opt for a plain-colored shirt.

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