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Our Women’s Linen Shorts are timeless, soft, and airy. They add a sophisticated touch to any outfit and make sure you can stay cool and comfortable at any event, anywhere. Perfect for all your summer adventures.

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    Step into summer with our Women's Linen Shorts, a key piece in any wardrobe looking to combine sophisticated style with exceptional comfort. These shorts are crafted from a premium blend of 68% linen, 20% polyester, 8% viscose, and 4% elastane, which means they are not just your typical linen summer style. This fabric combination ensures that the shorts are not only breathable and moisture-wicking but also very durable – and they have just the right amount of stretch, so you can stay moving through the summertime. 

    Perfect for any occasion

    Our Women's Linen Shorts are the ideal choice for any summer activity, from casual picnics to more formal gatherings. All thanks to their great features:

    • Comfortable stretch: Enjoy freedom of movement with fabric that moves with you.

    • Relaxed fit: These shorts have an elegant, relaxed fit that looks great on different body types.

    • Elegant style: Made with a timeless design and a high-quality fabric to make you look fashionable at any event.

    • Cool and dry comfort: The linen blend's breathability helps keep you cool and dry, even on the warmest days.

    Whether you're lounging at the seaside or attending a summer soirée, these shorts are made to ensure your style and comfort.

    How to style Linen Shorts

    These shorts are incredibly versatile, allowing for various styling options to suit casual or formal settings. For a laid-back daytime ensemble, pair the Linen Shorts with a soft T-shirt and casual sneakers. Elevate your look for evening events by combining them with one of our sophisticated Linen Vests and elegant sandals.

    Our entire range of linen styles for summer pairs beautifully with other items from our women's collection. Wear a Linen Vest with a pair of our stylish women’s jeans for a cohesive and chic outfit, or go for a more relaxed vibe with a pair of Linen Shorts or Linen Pants together with one of our oversized shirts. With these styling options, you can seamlessly transition from daytime adventures to evening festivities, all while maintaining comfort and elegance.