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    The Flag Collection

    The Flag Collection consists of a very special version of our Supima T-shirt. The special thing about the collection is the small detail you find on the chest of all T-shirts; an embroidered Danish flag. This detail is a subtle nod to Denmark and Danish culture

    T-shirts for men in Supima quality

    These special T-shirts for men come with both short and long sleeves, and the quality is exactly as you know it from our other T-shirts. All our T-shirts are made from Supima cotton, hence the name, which is only grown and harvested in selected locations in the USA. All processes are carefully quality-assured to ensure that the cotton is produced using as few resources as possible.

    Supima cotton consists of fibers that are twice as long as regular cotton fibers. The long fibers make the fabric durable and silky soft as well as they give the shirt its exclusive feel and look. In addition, Supima cotton is certified according to the Supima standard, which means that the material is of very high quality and has a long life span. With added elastane, the material makes the T-shirts very comfortable to wear – the fabric will move with you in any direction.

    Wear the shirts with your favorite pants from our collection. Dress the T-shirt up with a pair of Essential Suit Pants, or keep it more casual with the Essential Pants or Classic Pants.